Paula – Healed of Lymphoma and Acquired Power to Manifest Almost Anything


Paula spontaneously healed from a rapidly advancing rare form of lymphoma, overcame the fear of being given 3 months to live, and most surprisingly acquired the power to manifest almost anything.


The Story

From “Outrageous Openness” by Tosha Silver:

“I once heard this story about a friend’s sister.

“A fortyish woman named Paula lived in Baltimore as a paralegal, busy with relationships, work, family, typical stuff. She was not in the least spiritually inclined.

“Then came the shocker. Though she had never had more than a cold, Paula was suddenly diagnosed with a rapidly advancing rare form of lymphoma and given three months to live.

“Her world imploded. Practical by nature, she immediately threw her energy into organizing her affairs, handling her imminent departure like one more of the efficient to-do lists that she’d spent her life making. To her amazement, she was not afraid.

“Paula paid off her debts, released everything unnecessary, and prepared to die. This world became a diaphanous dream. She ceased having useless conversations. She started telling everyone the truth. She stopped doing anything she didn’t want, following her inner clock completely. As she realized this world would go on quite well without her, a peaceful detachment embraced her like a warm bath.

“Then, a new twist. In the third month, the cancer spontaneously left. To the doctors’ confusion, all symptoms vanished as fast as they had come. But Paula’s calm equanimity remained.

“Even more surprising, she had acquired the power to manifest and heal almost anything. If she thought of a certain amount of money, it came almost effortlessly. If she imagined an apple, a stranger pulled one from a bag. People with illnesses began to call for help.

“This talent came of its own volition since Paula needed and wanted nothing, having already bid adieu to this world.
With no grasping ego, most of her thoughts materialized in a flash. The same Divinity she had once dismissed now flowed unimpeded through her Being.

“Paula said, ‘Maybe when you no longer need anything, you can have everything. And when you stop trying to make things happen, anything can. All I know is, the ‘me’ that used to be is gone. I’m out of the way.’”

Ideas For Creating Your Own Miracles

Paula’s miracle demonstrates the truth behind these words from A Course In Miracles:

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  

When Paula prepared to die, she actually ended up removing all her barriers against love.  She opened up and accepted what is without any resistance.  This then allowed Divinity to flow unimpeded through her, and miracles naturally occurred.  Therein lies the key to true freedom and power.

The ability to “manifest and heal almost anything” is available to everyone of us. What prevents us from accessing this ability is our self-imposed resistance against it. The key to everything we want is to stop striving after them and start releasing all the resistance to what we want. Paula found a way to do that when her life was threatened. Our task is to do likewise without having to face the extreme circumstances of cancer. Tosha’s book “Outrageous Openness” opened my eyes to what is possible. You may enjoy reading her book too. In the Miracles Toolbox on this site, I also share other tools that has helped me. Please be open to the possibility that you too can create miracles in your own life. Let your inner wisdom guide you to what you need to make the shifts you desire.

May your days be full of miracles!