Living JoyFully Free

The Living JoyFully Free Foundation is a Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation registered in the State of California.


For those trapped in cycles of trauma, we help them to release their past and thereby free their future.



Our Mission:

Many today have experienced severe trauma and are trapped in a life of pain and misery. We recognize that many people trapped in cycles of trauma cannot afford to hire professional help for the duration required to achieve emotional well-being.  The mission of our Foundation is to help these people free themselves from the cycle of trauma and have the opportunity to live joyfully and free. We provide the following help:


  • Safe Haven Program – For carefully selected individuals who are committed to improving their lives, we provide a safe place for them to process and integrate past traumas. Depending on the individual and the situation, we design a program to support their journey toward wholeness. This program’s aim is to support those who have experienced severe trauma in their early childhood.



Our People:

Amazawa is the founder and CEO of the Foundation.

Being a Completion Process Certified Practitioner, Amazawa’s passion and life purpose is the facilitation of rebirth, which to him means the releasing of the past to free the future for living joyfully free.