Clear Away the Blocks So You Can Know Yourself Again

Vibration ScaleIf you are like I was, you have spent a lifetime repressing unwanted emotions and surviving traumas by burying painful memories.

These repressed emotions and memories do not go away; instead, they accumulate and fester in our subconscious, becoming automatic programs that run 24 hours a day to keep us locked in vibrational alignment with the exact emotions that we try to bury. So, we attract the same traumatic situations over and over again. Does that sound familiar?

According to Joe Dispenza, by the time we reach adulthood, we are living life mostly by running these subconscious programs over and over again. I found this to be true in my case.

In this state, we no longer even know who we truly are. I remember being asked what do I love, what is my passion?  And, I had no clue. I hated that question! I just wanted to get away from the intense pain gripping my life!


So, how do we break free from living life on autopilot to misery? Where do we start?

We start by having the strong intention to integrate and love the parts of us that we have been denying all through our lives. Once we set the intention, our inner wisdom will guide us to what we need to fulfill that intention. Please practice listening to your inner guidance. Make sitting in stillness a regular habit, and tune into what your heart is telling you. Learn to trust your intuition, and open up to the possibility that what you need will just fall into your lap.

As an example, below is what fell into my lap once I set the intention to find emotional peace and stop the vicious cycle of recreating pain over and over again.

1. Gaining awareness

I started by understanding the importance of bringing the light of my consciousness to all the buried emotions in the shadow of my subconscious. I took the long route to gain this awareness. You can take the shortcut by reading my article on “4 Steps to Address the Root Cause of Illnesses and Ailments.”

2. Emotion Code

Once I understood the importance of addressing what is in my subconscious, I was guided to Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code. I learned the process with a good friend, and we tested it on each other and on ourselves. We downloaded Dr. Bradley Nelson’s free ebook and audiobook from his website.

I soon discovered that I made much better progress when I worked with an experienced professional. I chose to work with Isabel Martins from Health and Natural Life, and she was wonderful!  We worked together to identify and release many trapped emotions. We even released walls that I had built around my heart.

3. Energy Block Clearing

Next, I signed up for Isabel’s energy block clearing sessions. I experienced these clearing sessions as going much deeper into the energy body to release blocked energy, buried emotions, and limiting beliefs. They were liberating!

4. Integrate and Reconnect

As the layers of old repressed emotions peeled off, I began to know myself again. My life started to make sense, and I understood why I kept repeating the same painful patterns over and over again. I remembered childhood memories that had not been accessible to me before.  Most importantly, I began to develop a healthy love for myself, and with that love my life started to heal.

Once I felt comfortable connecting with my subconscious, I followed Teal Swan’s Completion Process to put myself back together again. I faced the painful emotions that I had buried, and I integrated them. The result is that I have finally found joy and peace. I now understand my purpose in life. I am no longer content to settle for a small life just to arrive safely at a death full of regrets.

If my journey resonates with you, then I sincerely urge you to take action to clear all the blocks that prevent you from truly knowing and loving yourself. Then, you too will find the freedom and the clarity to know your purpose and your joy. Let it be so.