Isabel – Wounded Healer Who Overcame Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Through the Power of Her Mind

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As a young teenager, Isabel was diagnosed with scoliosis. The doctors prescribed surgery to implant braces in her spine. These interventions and the long recovery period broke her mentally and emotionally. She could not process all the anxiety and insecurity that arose within her. She ended up developing severe obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

The doctors did not diagnose the OCD; instead, a psychologist told Isabel that she had problems dealing with anxiety. Young Isabel started to believe that something was very wrong with her. She could not function in a normal way. She was full of anxiety, and she felt compelled to perform elaborate rituals throughout the day, every day. She could not control herself.

After a few years of this, Isabel felt she had hit rock bottom. She was exhausted, and she could not figure out what was happening to her. She thought she was losing her mind, and it was all her own fault!  She experienced what many therapists call the dark night of the soul. In that darkest moment of her life, Isabel felt a strong determination settle inside her. She was going to make it through no matter what!

Isabel found solace in Nature. She had always loved Nature, and she would often visit an isolated spot of natural beauty close to her home. At that spot, she felt Nature supporting her, filling her with energy, beauty, and love. She also felt safe to release her pain, tears, and anxiety.

In her early 20’s, Isabel finally discovered that she had OCD through an MTV show called “The Real Life.” The episode that she just “happened” to watch was on OCD, and she saw people in the show doing the same “crazy stuff” she did. Synchronicity. Now she understood she was not crazy.

Isabel had always taken full responsibility for her own health; she did not place her well-being in the hands of anyone else. The problem was she did not know what to do. After understanding she had OCD, Isabel discovered shamanism, a form of energy healing. In shamanic terms, she was a “wounded healer,” someone who undergoes trauma so as to be steered toward the healing path. Thus began her journey in energy healing.

Despite her determination, it took many years for Isabel to heal her OCD. It took so long because she had to search and sift through many different opinions to find the right tools that worked for her—all while living a busy life as most people do today. Isabel is glad that she did not give up; she can now release the anxieties that still well up within her from time to time. I have known Isabel since 2014. If she did not share her story with me, I would have never guessed that she suffered from OCD for many years.

Through her long journey, Isabel made two important shifts that helped her to heal. First, she came to understand the power of her mind. If her mind could take off in the direction of pain to the degree that she developed severe OCD, her mind could also go the other way and move her toward her joy and passion. She learned that her outer world changed when she changed her inner world. With that understanding and aided by the right energy healing tools, Isabel healed herself through the power of her mind.

The second shift came from doing inner child work, as guided by Louise Hay. Through this process, Isabel learned to love herself instead of blaming herself. She practiced showering her younger self with love and appreciation for the courage and persistence she showed, for enduring those dark times, and for coming through the other side with new awareness and power. This second shift removed the barriers to her healing.

From her long journey to health, Isabel also discovered her purpose and passion: facilitating healing for others! She is determined to help those who want to live a full life and find their paths to their dreams! She delights in using energy healing and clearing to bringing benefits to her own self, to the planet, and to every person and animal that she meets.


Ideas for Creating Your Own Miracles

I am so impressed with Isabel’s determination to be 100% responsible for her own health and well-being. The idea of being a victim never even occurs to her. Instead, she poured her energy into finding her path to health and well-being. She focused on finding the solution, not validating the problem.

With that determination, she was guided to the right knowledge at the right time for her healing. She came to understand that her outer world was actually a reflection of her inner world and that learning to love herself was an important step in creating the outer world that she desired.

If you also feel trapped in a life that you do not want to live, please open your heart to the possibility of a miracle. Make the decision to be 100% responsible for your own well-being. Focus on the solution and not the problem. As Isabel’s story demonstrates, you will find the solutions you seek.

Both Isabel and I were attracted to Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life.” It helped us start the journey to self-love. We both appreciate the importance of self-love as the foundation for other positive transformations in our lives. Louise Hay is a great resource for cultivating self-love.

You may also like to explore the services that Isabel now offers to her clients. I have personally been benefiting from Isabel’s energy healing since 2015. She helped me overcome severe depression and create the happiest life I have yet to experience. You can reach her through her website:

May your days be full of miracles!

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  ~A Course in Miracles