Shin Terayama – Cured Himself of “Incurable” Cancer; Sent Love to His Cancer Cells

mt fujiThirty-one years ago, Shin Terayama was sent home to die of cancer. Instead of dying, Shin took control of his healing one loving step at a time. After three years of healing his body, mind, and spirit, he became cancer free and transformed into a person full of love.


The Story

From the book “Radical Remission” by Kelly A. Turner, Ph.D.

Shin Terayama regularly worked twelve to fifteen hours a day, every day, to achieve success in his career. He became the president of his own consulting firm in his forties. He was proud of his accomplishments and the life he provided for his family.

At the age of forty-six, Shin started to feel deeply fatigued. Over the next year, Shin saw numerous doctors at top-notch hospitals without finding out why. Finally, a specialist discovered that Shin’s right kidney was enlarged and sore to the touch. Additional tests showed that Shin had a very large tumor on his right kidney.

Shin’s doctors urged him to undergo surgery immediately; however, Shin decided he was too busy at work to take an entire month off. So, he kept postponing the surgery. Five months later, his health deteriorated to the point where he could barely walk. At this point, his wife and doctor insisted that Shin undergo surgery.

During the surgery, the doctors discovered that Shin’s tumor had become so big that they had to remove the entire right kidney. They also discovered that he had advanced kidney cancer. Shin underwent intense forms of chemotherapy and radiation therapy for the next 5 months.

Unfortunately, the end result of all these treatments was not good. A whole-body scan revealed that Shin’s cancer had spread to his right lung and rectum. His doctors warned his wife that he had only a few months left to live.

One night in the hospital, Shin had a powerful dream where he saw himself in a coffin. He woke up from that dream with an intense desire to fight for his life. Amazingly, he also acquired a superhuman sense of smell that made staying in the hospital intolerable. He returned home to begin his own healing process. There was nothing more the doctors could do for him.

Arriving home, Shin was in such a bad state that he had to be fed intravenously. However, he discovered that he wanted to drink pure mineral water. His sense of smell made it impossible for him to drink tap water. Being on a pure water fast allowed Shin’s digestive organs to cleanse and repair. Peacefully resting at home allowed his inner guidance to become active.

He was guided to wake up each morning to see the sunrise. At those moments, he would be overwhelmed with gratitude for being alive to see another day. By this time, Shin had realized the gravity of his illness and understood that he could die at any moment. By accepting the fact that he was going to die soon, all fear of death left him. Instead, he just felt immense gratitude for each additional breath he was given.

While in this state of gratitude, Shin discovered how to open his seven chakras through breath and song. He was also guided to send love to his cancer cells. Shin explains:

When I returned to my home, I tried to find the reason why I [was] suffering from cancer, and I [realized] I created this cancer myself… So, I thought that cancer was my child. And I sent love to my cancer, and pain decreased and I could sleep fine… So, I stopped [using] painkillers and instead of that, when I had pain, I [said], ‘Oh, thank you very much for saying you are hurting. I love you, my child.” I touched this [points to his kidney] and said to my cancer, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” And pain decreased! That’s why I sent love to my cancer always, from morning till night. . . . Unconditional love, that’s unconditional love. I said [to it], “Thank you very much for existing.”

This is how Shin lived his life for a few months: feeling grateful for each new morning, drinking pure mineral water, waking up to breathe and sing with the birds before sunrise, and sending love to his cancer cells all day long. His health began to improve little by little. He began walking and eating normal food again. He also returned to playing his beloved cello, which he had neglected for decades due to the stress of his career.

As his health steadily improved, Shin started to visit healing centers in the Japanese mountains. He changed to an overall healthy diet that made his body feel good, as opposed to becoming obsessed with which specific foods to eat or not eat.

After three years of steady recovery, Shin’s story of miraculous survival spread, and he was often asked to share his healing techniques. Even though he still had cancer cells in his body, people found it incredible that he was given three months to live, and yet he was still alive three years later and in much better condition.

One of the organizations that invited him to speak was the Findhorn Foundation spiritual community in Scotland. When Shin arrived in Findhorn, he was embraced into the small community like a long lost uncle. He was incredibly moved by this wonderful surge of love from complete strangers. He especially appreciated all the hugs he received—something that is rarely done in Japanese culture.

When he returned to Tokyo after a month at Findhorn, it was coincidentally time for his bi-annual CT scan. Much to everyone’s surprise, he was cancer free! There was no trace of cancer in his body! When asked what caused his healing, Shin replied without hesitation: “Love.”

Shin has been full of love—and cancer free—since 1988. It has been thirty-one years since he was sent home to die. Instead of dying, Shin took control of his healing one loving step at a time, as guided by his inner wisdom. Today, he dedicates his time to helping other cancer patients learn how they can heal their bodies, minds, and spirit.

Ideas for Creating Your Own Miracles

Shin Terayama is a great example of how to create miracles through the power of love. Rather than becoming engulfed in the fear of cancer and death, he transcended his fear and accessed his natural state of love and gratitude. Miracles then unfolded for him one by one until he was fully healed physically, mentally, and spiritually. It’s an amazing testament to the power of love.

We do not need to be faced with cancer and death to access the power of love. We can choose to do so right now. As Shin did, please create the time and space to appreciate life. Learn to be grateful for all the beauty around us and for the miracle of life. In that state, you will hear your inner guidance. Follow its urgings to find your way to heal your body, mind, and spirit.

If you enjoyed this story, you may like to read the many other stories of miracles presented by Dr. Kelly Turner in her book “Radical Remission.” This was the book that put me on the path to spiritual awakening. It had a profound effect on me. After reading it, I asked myself: do I need to be on the brink of death before I decide to truly live? My answer was no! I want to truly live now!

May your days be full of miracles!

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all of the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  ~A Course in Miracles