4 Steps to Address the Root Cause of Illnesses and Ailments

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 9.33.39 AMAfter many years of study and practice in holistic healing, I have come to understand that physical ailments or illnesses are only the surface symptoms of unresolved emotional traumas. The root cause is the emotional trauma. If the root cause is not addressed, the physical symptoms will just keep coming back again and again.

If you have manifested an ailment or illness, please consider the following suggestions for starting the process of healing yourself. While I refer to Teal Swan’s videos, these suggestions were actually distilled from my personal experience in dealing with ailments that were rooted in deeply buried emotional traumas. Identifying and resolving these traumas allowed me to shift from unconscious fear to conscious self-love, creating miracles that helped me to overcome debilitating arthritis, allergies, spinal injury, liver disease, and depression without resorting to pharmaceuticals.  My body healed and continues to heal naturally.

Here then are my suggestions:

Step 1: Take responsibility for your own well-being, and make your own decisions.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in healthcare is to abdicate responsibility for their well-being to someone else.  It’s the “fix me” mentality. The vibration of this mentality is powerlessness, which will only aggravate the physical ailments.

So please learn to trust your inner guidance to direct you on the right path to healing. The inner wisdom that daily orchestrates the miraculous processes of life will also guide you to the solutions for your ailments. You only have to learn to listen and trust.

If you want encouragement to help build your trust in your inner wisdom, please read the stories featured on the Repository of Miracles page. There you will find cases of people who took responsibility for their own health, trusted their inner wisdom, and healed from serious ailments. Reading such stories was a great help to me in my own journey towards health and well-being.


Step 2: Identify the underlying emotional trauma that is causing your ailment.

Please watch the following video from Teal Swan to gain a better understanding of the relationship between emotional traumas and physical ailments. She does a superb job of explaining the cause and effect relationship.



Here is what you will learn from the video:

  • Ailments begin mentally and emotionally; then they become physical
  • The body is reflecting exactly what is happening in the mind and the emotions
  • Ultimately, the root cause of physical ailment is unresolved trauma
  • To heal the ailment, we must address the underlying trauma

In the video, Teal also outlines many steps to identify the underlying emotional trauma. Don’t get overwhelmed; you don’t have to do all of them. Pick the steps that feel right to you. That said, there are two steps that I highly recommend:

  • Ask yourself: how is having this ailment serving me?
    Our body does not manifest ailments to hurt us. Our body is not against us; it is for us! So we must consider that the ailment we have is our body’s subconscious attempt to assist us. If the body is trying to help us by having this ailment, what would it be trying to help, and why? The body may be actually trying to help us fulfill a buried desire or avoid a hidden fear. Teal did a whole video on this subject. You can watch it here:  The Hidden Positive Intention (The Key to Letting Go)
  • Talk to the part of the body that is suffering the ailment, or talk to the ailment itself.
    Trust your intuition.  Ask it questions like the following:

    • Why are you here?
    • What do you need me to change?
    • How are you trying to help me?

The goal is to connect with your emotions and understand what is truly going on inside of you that is causing your ailment or illness. If you get stuck on this step, you may have too many suppressed emotions to allow you to discover what is underlying the ailment. This was initially the case with me for some of my ailments. To overcome this barrier, please consider following the suggestions found here: Clear Away the Blocks So You Can Know Yourself Again.

Once you have cleared away enough of the blocks to know yourself again, you will find your answer. Trust yourself and your inner guidance.


Step 3: Heal your emotional body.

Once you have identified the underlying emotional trauma and the reasons why your body has decided to manifest the ailment, it is now time to heal your emotional body. Please follow the process outlined by Teal in this video:

Since posting that video, Teal has incorporated healing the emotional body into her new systematic healing process called the Completion Process. I love the Completion Process. It is what liberated me from emotional trauma and literally saved my life. I will become certified in this process in September 2016. Below is an excellent interview where Teal explains her Completion Process.


You may also like to get Teal’s new book “The Completion Process.” She designed the book so that you can practice this healing process on yourself.  However, if you would like assistance in using the Completion Process to achieve emotional freedom, please feel free to contact me . I am happy to assist.

Step 4: Trust the healing process.

Trust your body and give it lots of love. Your body is always trying to serve you and help you. It is never your enemy; instead, it is your best friend! Please allow it to heal in the manner and the time frame that it chooses. Be patient. Likely, it took many years to manifest the ailment, so it probably won’t heal overnight. Meanwhile, enjoy and celebrate your miraculous healing journey!