The words shared on this page have brought me many tears of joy.  They remind me why I love what I do so much!


Teal Swan – USA

To me — you are a genuine master.  I trust you completely.  Love always, Teal Swan

(Note received upon my certification as a Completion Process Certified Practitioner)


T.T. – Canada

I had the most powerful healing session with Amazawa that helped catapult me into building my new authentic life where I embody my soul destiny. In his presence, I felt safe, not a sense a judgment at all, understood, compassionate and loved for who I am. I was able to dive deep into my subconscious with Amazawa’s guidance and reintegrated a major part of myself that I didn’t know I had abandoned. He is encouraging, with a pure golden heart. He is the magician that makes things happen, the divine father that gives unconditional presence and the warrior that is here to serve and protect. I highly recommend you try out his healing services, it’s life changing.


I.M. – Europe

I’ve worked with Amazawa because I wanted to release the (very ingrained) feeling of having to follow society’s rules, roles and expectations, specifically around how a woman is “supposed” to behave. This led to an integration around me feeling comfortable in my sensuality and feminine power, in owning it and in allowing myself to show it fully and also putting myself first.

A couple of weeks later I was leading a beautiful group of women through a sensuality and pleasure energy clearing, a no holds barred deep and raw session, and I was coming from a place of deeply and comfortably standing in my own power and sensual female nature, and loving it!

It was an amazing experience and irrefutable proof that in my session with Amazawa, we completely rocked that integration first! Thank you!


J.S. – Europe

I had a CP session with Amazawa which was very beneficial. It has sort of taken a while to sink in. For a long time I have been looking to ‘fix myself’ as if there was something wrong with me. There are so many beliefs about there being something wrong with me. Amazawa helped shine light on the message that I was telling my own body. ‘I will not accept you unless you are perfect’. Also a strong feeling of I won’t be loved unless I am perfect. And that will be never I suppose. So for the last few weeks I am really sitting with that. And going more with what feels right for me and not what I should do because it will please other people. The message is loud and clear ‘THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH ME’. So even if I’ve got loads of negativity I am really just allowing that and giving myself the deep message that I love myself with all of it. My life is changing a lot now. So I am grateful for these sessions. The completion process is amazing. I would love to train in it someday.


E.D. – Canada

Deeply healing

Amazawa has a very supportive and compassionate approach. It made me feel very safe and comfortable while working through some very intense emotions. His gentle support through the process has helped me to release and heal at a deeper level then I could of on my own. I felt myself shift to a more allowing state through the process in with I was able to reclaim both my inner child’s vulnerabilities and my power. This transformative process has left me feeling more empowered and connected with myself!


L.R – Europe

New Beginings:

When Amazawa first suggested “journeying” together, I was skeptical but I was also desperate for a way out of my misery. I nodded politely as he explained the process but on the inside I was more like “Whatever! I just want this pain to stop”.

The first journey took me to a dark memory that allowed me to make peace with my father’s passing. It gave me better understanding of the burden he was carrying and allowed me to express love and understanding to him in ways that were not available to me while he was alive.

The second journey took us through some dark places. I was trapped as though buried alive, every breath hurting as though my lungs were turning into stone. We later called this place the “Good Girl Sarcophagus”. It was my vow to please people even if it was at the expense of my own life, dignity and peace of mind. This was a vow that not only made me a doormat but it also stifled my ability to fight off abuse as it led me to a form of Stockholm Syndrome where, even as a victim, my priority was to comply not defy.

The journey later took us to a memory that I had never consciously identified as problematic; on the contrary, it was one of my father’s proudest moments. The fact that the seeds of my betrayal complex were from what appears as a picture-perfect memory was jarring and unreal to a certain extent.

We applied a healing balm to the memory, reframing it, leaving unlikely teachers at that point of time to help make sense of it and whisked the little girl to safety under the protection of her most reliable ally: her selves.

As I look onto my safe place where loved ones are guarding me with serenity and diligence, I feel a sense of relief: the nightmare is not simply over, it has been reframed and neutralized. The burden of being independent and self-sufficient has been lifted and I am now open to the help the universe has lined up for me. The sense of loneliness has dissipated, the pressure to be a good girl is no longer there. I am able to set boundaries and vanquish those who are not respectful of me without fear of being perceived as a heartless bitch.

As the new year is nearing, a new life is brewing like a pot of my grandmother’s potent tea. I am home


E.B. – Europe

In order to testify on the real impact of the Completion Process in general, and on Amazawa Sha’s contribution as a facilitator, I must dive into some very relevant personal details.

When I was 9 years old I witnessed the most terrifying story of my life: my father deliberately killed my mother. This event was only the culminating ending of a childhood spent in the company of an abusive father and a mistreated mother.

Growing up with this story, understandably, I was led to believe that all men are evil and my father in particular. Needless to mention the impact it had on my relationship with the opposite sex. I dismissed my deceased mother for being too weak and enduring. When I was talking about this, my emotions were shut, I was speaking the same way a TV presenter narrates the 5 o’clock news. I numbed my pain, I disguised it into hate and anger, I disconnected from my genuine emotions and from my child, because the things that were actually happening in my soul were not very “politically correct”…

To pierce through all this “armor” was a real achievement.

It took a feeling of security, a wise and sensitive facilitator like Amazawa Sha and a deliberate personal effort, in order to have my genuine child burst into tears and confess that in fact, despite everything, she loves both her parents and that this story is breaking her heart.

My relief today comes along with more insight into my genuine feelings, with a better understanding of the nature of conflict and how empowerment can overcome it. What was once an unbearable story is now for me a theme abundant with opportunity for expansion. I have the courage, the tools and the support to fully integrate this chapter, to learn from it, to “digest” it and to own it.

Amazawa Sha’s commitment to help me with this came accompanied by sensitivity, receptivity and patience. The evolution of our CP session was spontaneous and unpredictable for both of us; it was a co-creating process with an enlightening result.

He navigated gracefully through what turned out to be a very intricate generational trauma. We started from numbness, anger, shame and confusion and ended-up in an empowered state of compassion and transformation. His presence as a CP facilitator is considerate, non-invasive, pressure-less, yet effective. His interventions come opportune and inspired, without overriding my own way of processing the drama.

I am looking forward to dive deeper until I get to the bottom of it. I am so grateful for having Amazawa Sha holding space for me and for the Completion Process as a tool of personal rebirth.


L.B. – USA

Amazawa is such a sweet, gentle and soulful practitioner when guiding you in what has the potential to be muddy, emotional waters of your past. He takes the time and attention to ensure that you feel utterly safe, which makes acknowledging whatever emotions that bubble up totally welcomed. I loved conjuring my own ‘safe haven,’ a place I now have a detailed picture of that I can take with me anywhere. In fact, shortly after our session together I got in a slight dust-up with someone close to me, a conversation that turned rapidly awry. I took a moment to go to my healthy and happy haven and later re-addressed this same individual with absolutely glowing results that brought us even closer than before. I’m so curious to see what long-term results occur from this thorough and thoughtful process. When looking to address your own emotional healing, I do hope you turn to Amazawa. You’ll be in exceptionally safe hands.